Realflow 2013 Released today!

Realflow 2013 Released today!

Nextlimit has made some made huge leaps and bounds with their fluid simulation application Realflow 2013. With the previous version, 2012, they introduced Hybrido fluids which was a mid-scale simulation tool. Well, with 2013 they’ve made huge improvements to Hybrido and the filters to allow quicker calculations and effects.

What really turned my head is the addition to a node based workflow. If you’re familiar with NUKE or Cinema4D you’ll quickly understand why this method is efficient and powerful.

Now, for most of us, one project cannot justify spending a cool 4k. If you think you can justify spending a pile of cash which could be a plugin for most 3d applications I’d go for it.

You can download the Realflow 2013 demo HERE

What’s new

  • Large scale Hybrido2
  • Enhanced Workflow: RealFlow Graphs
  • Quick High-Quality Previews: Maxwell Render
  • New File Formats: Alembic
  • Improved Fracturing Tool
  • Improved meshing algorithms: RealFlow RenderKit

For more detailed information click HERE

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